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Year Calendar

Month Calendar

Calendar Control Options

You can control various functions of the calendar with the options below.


Specify occasions for which you want to be reminded. Make the Calendar Tool page the Home URL for your browser, and it will check your Remind dates, send you a message for each one that is approaching, and then go on to a Home URL that you specify.

Home URL:    
If you would like to be reminded of specific dates and then go on to a Home URL, specify the home URL in this input box and click on the "Set" link. Make the Calendar page your Home URL for your browser. Each time the Calendar page loads, it will search for reminder dates and notify you of any that are coming due. Then it automatically will go to the Home URL you specified in this input box. You can override this jump by clicking on the "Stop" button before its timer runs out.
Timer duration    
This is the amount of time is seconds that the Calendar Tool will wait for you to hit the "Stop" button before going on to Home URL you specified above. If you have not specified a Home URL, the timer will not run and you can access the controls on this page without hitting the "Stop" button.
Remind Lead Days:    
This is the number of days before a Remind date for which you will receive reminders. For example, if you want to be reminded of dates you have entered two weeks before each date arrives, enter "14" in this field and click the set button. Entering "0" (zero) will cause the Calendar Tool to send you notification only on the day that a Remind date occurs. The maximum for this field is "300". Changing this setting will take affect the next time the Calendar Tool is loaded.


Specify options that affect how the calendar is displayed.

Scale Width:    






This is the number of months displayed per row in the year calendar. Select the number that makes the best use of space in your browser window. (For example, if you selected "3", when you select a year calendar it would be displayed with three months per row in four rows.)
Background Color:    
This is the background color used when displaying a user defined reminder date. Click on a box in the color matrix to set the background color. The Calendar Tool will select the appropriate text color automatically.